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Kitchen Remodeling Rochester, MN

Every person’s dream kitchen is unique. Is yours an all-hours family gathering place, a gleaming chef’s domain, or a center stage for entertaining? At Home Pro Transformations, we’re committed to working alongside you to design the look, style, and features that are just right for your new kitchen. Our promise is to deliver you a stress-free kitchen remodeling experience by utilizing our knowledge and experience to make your kitchen renovation project smooth and hassle-free.

Whether you’ve collected a drawer full of pictures, or you have a certain style in mind, our team at Home Pro Transformation is here to help. We’ll listen to your ideas and provide an ample supply of our own. We’ll share the latest kitchen design ideas and give you the information you need to confidently make the right kitchen design choices and decisions. With our professional expertise as kitchen remodeling contractors, even the most problematic areas can be turned into beautiful and functional kitchen design solutions.

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Through our client-approved transformation process, we will guide and educate you every step of the way to help you make the ideal choices for your kitchen remodeling project. From our initial discovery meeting, where we’ll discuss your kitchen renovation wishlist, to the first time you walk through your newly remodeled kitchen, you’ll know you partnered with the right kitchen remodeling team at Home Pro Transformations.

From design to clean-up, Home Pro Transformations offers kitchen renovation services Rochester and Southern Minnesota residents have been looking for. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and ready to bring your dream kitchen to your home. Contact us today to get your kitchen remodeling project started!

Kitchen Remodeling Services

  • Kitchen Design & Construction
  • Mudding & Taping
  • Painting
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Floor Installation
  • Tile Backsplash

Kitchen Layout Designs

U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens are ideal if you’re looking to maximize space and functionality. Along with plenty of cabinet storage, they offer flexibility in decor style and can be integrated into any kitchen footprint, large or small. This layout is extremely favorable for cooking connoisseurs because it’s easy to create an efficient kitchen thanks to the layout which takes advantage of three connecting walls of cabinets and an open space in the middle for entry or an additional island. Design doesn’t just stop with a u-shaped kitchen’s function, it also plays perfectly into the style of these kitchens, which welcome bold finishes, beautiful cabinetry, and an abundance of natural light.

L-Shaped Kitchen

If you desire a kitchen layout that provides space for many cooks-in-the-kitchen and additional onlookers, the L-shaped kitchen is for you! With a two-wall setup that tucks perfectly into a corner while still remaining open to the surrounding space, L-shaped kitchens work great in open-concept homes where they’re often paired with an expansive island or kitchen table. As one of the most classic kitchen layouts to date, this option also typically provides more cabinets than other layouts, while also creating an enormous amount of open space to move about freely. Complimenting colors, finishes, and hardware help bring each area in L-shape kitchens together.

Galley Kitchen

Often categorized as limited in style and size “straight kitchens”, galley kitchens today are anything but! Distinguished by a narrow layout with parallel counters -- ideal for smaller spaces, galley kitchens provide a space separated that doesn’t have to feel as claustrophobic as they may first feel. Opening galley kitchens up a bit can be as simple as adjusting the storage once provided by cabinets to open shelving instead to help break up the hallway feeling sometimes associated with a galley. Removing upper cabinets, adding in new colors, and adjusting surface types can also help transform and expand the space in your galley kitchen during a remodel.

Peninsula Kitchen

If you’re looking for a functional, dividing feature in your kitchen, a peninsula kitchen is ideal for you! With three sides of workspace, with one end attached to a wall, peninsula layouts provide a great deal of space and storage for a kitchen while serving as room dividers that separate your kitchen from your dining or living room area. To help these spaces feel as expansive as they are, cohesive features and finishes are recommended. Additionally, since most peninsulas in kitchens become the homebase of many families that gather for early morning breakfast and evening homework sessions, choosing high quality options that hold up over time will end up being worth the price paid!

G-Shaped Kitchen

Closely mirroring the layout of the previously mentioned U-shaped kitchen, the G-shaped kitchen has even more counter and cabinet space thanks to the addition of an extra peninsula to this area. Resembling the capital letter "G" in its cabinet and countertop configuration, if you love to cook with others in your kitchen, a G-shaped kitchen offers the functionality and space to do that! With countertops that wrap around the center of your kitchen, the continuous flow of counter space allows for expanded efficiency and style options. The extra space is fantastic for entertaining, your family’s breakfast bar, and much needed kitchen storage space.

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