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Room Additions Rochester, MN

Home Pro Transformations is the home addition contractor in the Rochester area you can rely on to expand your home to its fullest potential—both in design and function.

The home expansion process can be both exhausting and confusing. Moving from your initial dream and wish list to a committed project can feel intimidating and a little scary, to say the least. As a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure to consider every angle, possible use of space, and design options before beginning your home addition construction. That’s where the professionals at Home Pro Transformations come in.

There are several ways to increase the space in your home, from converting an attic, basement, or garage space to removing interior walls or repurposing an existing, underutilized room. When your house has reached its maximized use of existing space, a home addition is your next option and can help you and your family enjoy your home so much more!

Transform Your Home Today!

Whether you are adding a new room, building a new deck, or even a garage, we’ll work closely with you to avoid any surprises or setbacks. Plus, our team at Home Pro Transformations will help you utilize every possible square inch of your new addition. From additional rooms to garages to decks, we’ll bring your dream spaces to life.

Home Additions Benefits Our Clients Experience:

  • Your family continues to live in a neighborhood you’ve come to love
  • Supports an “aging in place” process
  • Home additions can typically be more cost-efficient than building a new house with the same square footage
  • The cost of your home addition construction oftentimes can be recovered if you decide to sell your home
  • This is your project and can reflect your personality and design style

When is a Home Addition the Best Option?

As you begin considering adding space to your existing home through a home addition project, there are several key factors to consider. You’ll want to think through the main purpose your new space will serve. Will it be an added whole-family space, a private mother-in-law wing, or additional office space? What aspects are you currently not fond of in your existing home? What are the top five things you love about your house?

Answering the initial questions of why you want a home addition, what its function will be, and what you love about your current space, will help our team design a home addition and transformation that meets and exceeds your needs.

Signs it’s the perfect time to construct a new addition on your existing home:

  • Your home is outdated in design, function, and flow
  • More room is needed for your growing family
  • Single-level living yourself or an aging relative is approaching

Home Addition Services

  • Home Addition Design & Construction
  • Electrical Installation
  • Drywall & Mudding
  • Painting
  • Floor Installation

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Are you looking for a local contractor for your home addition in Rochester, Minnesota? If so, contact Home Pro Transformations today. Send us a message on our contact page or give us a call at 507-361-2160.

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