Cement Patios vs. Paver Patios: How to Decide
Cement Patios vs. Paver Patios: How to Decide
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Cement Patios vs. Paver Patios: How to Decide

Adding a patio to your yard is a great way to make your landscaping look more beautiful while also making the space more functional. Patios are extremely versatile spaces that you can make your own by adding elements like plants, furniture, and cooking equipment.

With a patio, you can entertain family and friends, enjoy beautiful evenings, or relax in your yard more. Still, if you've decided to install a patio, you may have questions about whether cement or pavers is best.

In this guide from the outdoor design experts at Home Pro Transformations, we review the benefits of cement patios versus paver patios to help you decide.

Benefits of Cement Patios

Concrete patios don’t have to come in one color or style. You’d be surprised at how beautiful they can look and what you can do with the designs! From various stains and colors that  complement your home to stamped patterns that add a flair of sophistication, concrete patios can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Also, concrete patios are great options because:

  • They are quick to install: Landscaping experts and concrete professionals can lay a concrete patio quickly, so once the cement cures, you can enjoy the space.

  • They are low maintenance: Generally, cement patios are easy to clean by simply hosing them down. They are fairly durable, and even if they do chip or beak, they can be repaired quickly.

  • They are relatively inexpensive: Compared to pavers, concrete patios are usually a more budget-friendly option.

Benefits of Paver Patios

While concrete patios are a common and popular choice, paver patios are also an excellent option for your backyard. Regarding design, it’s hard to beat pavers' versatility, elegance, and options. You can get so many colors, shapes, sizes, and designs!

Some other benefits of paver patios include:

  • They offer immediate enjoyment: After choosing a design, paver installation takes a little time, depending on the size of your patio space. But once your pavers have been laid, you can use your patio immediately.

  • They are even easier to repair than concrete: While concrete can be fixed, pavers are less likely to crack. Plus, you can replace a couple of the pavers, which is usually easily affordable.

  • They are incredibly durable: While cement patios are sturdy, pavers are even more long-lasting and flexible. They can more easily accommodate ground shifting without cracking or breaking.

The Perfect Patio Design For Your Home

At Home Pro Transformations, we provide both concrete and paver patio services. Both options have advantages and provide beautiful outdoor spaces for you to entertain and relax, so it’s often a matter of what looks best to you and your individual tastes.

Have more questions about designing your perfect patio space? Give us a call at 507-361-2160 to learn more.

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