Can You Add a Bathroom Anywhere in Your Home?
Can You Add a Bathroom Anywhere in Your Home?
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Can You Add a Bathroom Anywhere in Your Home?

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the home and as such needs special kind of attention in the design and section of the house where it should be erected. While it’s common to see many houses with just one bathroom, the reality of living with more than one person in a house demands the addition of more bathrooms.

But the big question begging for an answer is: Can you add another bathroom anywhere in your home?

In this post, the home remodeling team at Home Pro Transformations will help answer this question!

Why Add Another Bathroom to Your Home?

There are many reasons to consider adding a new bathroom to your home. If you live in a home where you have children, adding a new bathroom to your home will reduce the time you have to wait to access your restroom. This removes the awkward situation where you’d feel terribly pressed before you ease yourself.

Another reason you may need to consider adding another bathroom to your home is home-office consideration. Many people now fancy raising a home office in their home. So, the choice of your home office may be some distance from your bathroom. In this case, you may have to erect a new bathroom close to where you have your home office for more convenience.

You may also need to erect another bathroom in your home if you welcome many visits from friends and family members. Some homeowners entertain more guests than others. If you do, adding another bathroom will make your bathroom a private place for your comfort instead of sharing with friends.

Can You Add a Bathroom Anywhere in Your House?

Yes, you can install a bathroom almost anywhere in your home if you can afford the cost. However, your choice of location should depend on your electrical and plumbing configurations and the size of the bathroom you want to erect.

We recommend the following six areas if you wish to add another bathroom to your home.

The Closet

If you lack space anywhere else in your home, the closet can be a perfect location for installing a new bathroom.

The Basement

Your basement is usually below the floor of the house. So, you must consider moisture and mold when considering the basement for a new bathroom.

The Hallway

The hallway usually has a large-enough space where you can add a new bathroom. It’s most suitable for a guest bathroom if you are looking for a way to make your home more guest friendly.


Many homeowners would tell you that the bedroom is a good place to have a perfect bathroom. Among other benefits, you easily have your privacy when you have your bathroom installed in your bedroom.

Your Rochester Bathroom Remodeling Pro

Are you in need of a new bathroom or in doubt of the perfect place to have one erected? Our home remodeling team at Home Pro Transformation is available to help you make the right decision in terms of location and design that will suit your home.

Get in touch today by scheduling a meeting with our team or reach out to us at  507.361.2160.

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