4 Different Types of Kitchen Layouts
4 Different Types of Kitchen Layouts
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4 Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

If you’re looking for ways to add to your home’s value and transform your space into a more enjoyable space you love coming home to, a kitchen rehab is a great bet. After all, your kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home. It’s also where your family comes together day after day for coffee talk in the morning and late-night snacks at night. And the layout you choose for your kitchen can create a more welcoming place to share meals and make memories.

In this post from Home Pro Transformations in Rochester, MN, we’re taking a closer look at four of the most common kitchen layouts and their benefits. To talk about your design ideas and connect with a member of our team, give Home Pro Transformations a call today!

 1.  Kitchen Layout with Island

Island kitchens are easily one of the most functional kitchen layout designs for a busy family or household. These kitchens add a large, useful space in the center of the room for a wide range of uses. A kitchen island can be handy for preparing elaborate meals and useful as both a dining and workspace. Use your island to work on a favorite hobby or craft, complete your remote workday, help the kids with homework, or serve up a quick snack. The possibilities are practically limitless. Kitchen islands are also a great source for extra storage.

 2. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a straightforward kitchen layout characterized by two parallel counter spaces on either side of a fairly narrow kitchen walkway. Galley kitchens are often found in smaller homes, and while they can be difficult to work with, adding tall cabinets and functional storage designs is the key to maximizing their usefulness.

 3.  L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

For a small kitchen, an L-shaped layout may be the most functional layout design solution. An L-shaped kitchen uses two walls, with one wall about twice the length of the other. An L-shaped kitchen may be small, but it still allows the person cooking to take advantage of a natural work triangle. Due to the size and layout, storage and cabinet space should be carefully weighed to maximize your organization and prevent your space from feeling too cramped.

 4.  U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

For a functional kitchen layout that maximizes the use of your existing space, you want a U-shaped kitchen. A U-shaped layout creates a natural work triangle where it’s easy to access everything you need while you’re cooking including your sink, fridge, appliances, and stove. At the same time, this helpful layout lets you make the most out of your existing cabinet space as well.

Design Your New Kitchen Layout Today

Could you use a little more organization in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time to rethink your kitchen layout. Our kitchen remodeling contractors at Home Pro Transformations can help you make the most of your existing space with a beautiful new kitchen redesign. To get started on your Rochester kitchen remodeling project, call our design pros at 507.361.2160 or contact us online today!

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