5 Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas
5 Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas
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5 Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas

There once was a time when the dream centerpiece of a beautiful bathroom was a large, luxurious tub. But these days, more homeowners are throwing out the bathtub and the bathwater to embrace a more practical alternative: walk-in showers.

Although the image of a long soak in a hot bath can feel pretty decadent, in reality, most people don’t have much time for soul-cleansing soaks. And with space at a premium in many homes, swapping out the tub for a walk-in shower can be a transformative way to upgrade your bathroom.

At Home Pro Transformations in Rochester, MN, our design team helps homeowners get the dreamy bathrooms they’ve always wanted every day. To inspire your bathroom remodel, we’re breaking down our top walk-in shower remodel ideas.

1. The Perfect Shower Tiles

Choosing the right tile is important no matter what shower you install. An attractive walk-in shower wall will function as a visual focal point for your bathroom, so choose your tiles accordingly.

Subway tiles are one of the more popular options and offer a fair degree of design versatility. Mosaic tiles are also gaining popularity right now as they can add visual interest to a space. Or create a sense of natural warmth with large slate tiles in variant shades of gray.

If you really want a contemporary, unique shower, go with colorful tiles such as emerald green or deep blue. Consider something exciting for your bathroom and shower remodels!

2. Barrier-Free Designs

Cleaning a shower door under any circumstances can be a challenge, especially when every little fingerprint and smudge shows up with the slightest bit of steam.

As an alternative to traditional glass shower doors, barrier-free showers are seeing a marked uptick in popularity. When you’re ready to shower, simply step into your space and lose yourself in luxury.

3. Built-In Storage

Traditional bath/shower combos are typically short on storage. Why not design a walk-in shower with all of the space you need to store your must-have toiletries?

Pros like Home Pro Transformations can install floor-to-ceiling recessed shelving, so you have room for everything from loofahs to hair masques. Instead of purchasing extra storage, built-in options look beautiful and have all the functionality you need. Custom design the built-ins for your shower, so you’ll love how they look.

4. Bench Seats

Shower seats aren’t just for individuals with mobility needs. They're also useful for shaving, washing feet, managing toiletries, or simply relaxing and breathing in the steam.

If you want convenience and comfort when taking a shower, bench seats are a must-have. And they can be elegantly designed for a streamlined feel right in your shower.

5. Multiple Shower Heads

One of the most luxurious elements you can add to your walk-in shower is more than one shower head. Being able to enjoy all the warm water enveloping you will make you feel like you’re at a spa or under a waterfall, all while in the comfort of your own home.

One popular option is adding a rain shower head to the ceiling. These models make you feel like you’re under warm rain, and they are a great addition alongside a removable shower head.

Create Your Walk-In Shower Remodel

With all of the time you spend in the shower, you deserve a perfect bathroom transformation. With a walk-in shower remodel, you’ll enjoy getting ready and have a spa-like experience without ever leaving your house. 

To dream up your walk-in shower remodel with help from our design team, call us at 507.361.2160 or connect with us online to schedule an onsite estimate today!

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