Home Transformations that Increase Your Home’s Value
Home Transformations that Increase Your Home’s Value

Home Transformations that Increase Your Home’s Value

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in home remodeling. Maybe you’re a little short on space, or perhaps you love your home but the current layout just isn’t right for your family’s needs. Whatever the reason for your home transformation, any remodeling project increases your chances of selling your home fast.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, it’s a good idea to consider how any renovations today will impact your sale down the road. At Home Pro Transformations, we offer a complete range of remodeling services for your Rochester home, including bathroom and kitchen renovation services. In this post, we share some of the top remodeling services for increasing your home’s overall value.

Check out these suggestions, and then give us a call to schedule your Rochester home remodeling services!

Home Improvements and Home Value

Anytime you’re considering a home remodeling project, it’s best to consider adding renovations that will offer the greatest return on investment. If you’re planning on investing in a number of home remodeling projects over the next few years, considering your ROI can help you decide which projects to prioritize.

Not only can this make your to-do list seem less overwhelming, but it can also boost your home’s value if you end up selling it before you had originally planned to.

According to real estate industry experts, these are some of the most high-value additions in terms of ROI.

Home Transformation Ideas to Increase your Home’s Value

There are many home transformation ideas that will improve the worth of your home. The best of them are discussed below.

1. Neutral Interior Paint

The beauty of a neutral interior is that you can go anywhere from there. If you decide down the road that you want to make some dramatic changes in the color scheme, it’s much easier to reverse course when you’re working with a simple neutral backdrop.

But in terms of selling your home, neutrals always make it easier to entice buyers. When potential home buyers see a home as a blank canvas, it’s much easier to imagine themselves living a life in that home. Neutrals are also less likely to go out of style down the road.

2. Home Additions

Although a home addition can initially be a significant investment, this investment will be reflected in your appraisal value. In homes that don’t have a lot of functional space for families to live active lives in, a home addition can mean the difference between a home that sits on the market and a home that sells.

3. Kitchen Remodeling

An outdated kitchen can make an entire home feel outdated, whereas a beautiful kitchen is a strong selling point. Too often, beautiful homes stay on the market longer than they should because potential buyers are put off by the look of outdated kitchen cabinets, countertops, layout, and storage.

Consider remodeling your kitchen’s layout to a more modern design while adding in-cabinet organizational features.

4. Bathroom Upgrades

Another strategy to raise the value of your property and make it more desirable to potential buyers is to redesign the bathroom. Depending on your bathroom remodeling budget, you can look at a number of different projects.

Some of the things you can do to bring up the value of your bathroom include:

  • Painting, retiling, and reflooring
  • Adding storage space
  • Installing new sinks, tubs, showers, or toilets
  • Putting in vanity or mirror
  • Upgrading lighting

5. Transforming an Unused Space

Basements, attics, and bonus rooms are all examples of unfinished spaces that are simply waiting to be used. As a homeowner, leaving that area unoccupied just means you’re wasting space. Making the most of those empty rooms will expand your living space while also making your home more appealing to potential purchasers.

For most homes, it’s a basement remodeling that does the magic for them, as it’s a segment of the house that can be remodeled easily with great design ideas.

If you have such spaces in your home, you can turn them into one or more of the following:

  • Playroom
  • Game room
  • Home gym
  • Home office
  • Separate suite
  • Second living room
  • Library or study
  • Guest bedroom

 6. Adding Extra Curb Appeal Boosters

Curb appeal is strongly tied to whether or not your house creates a good first impression on potential buyers. Even from the street, there are various methods to make your property stand out.

The following are some of the top home projects for increasing curb appeal:

  • Putting up new lighting
  • Wood, brick, or vinyl siding replacement, repair, or painting
  • Changing a rusted garage door
  • Repainting or buying a new front door
  • Adding stone veneer to your front door

Contact a Rochester Home Remodeling Contractor

Whether you’re getting your home ready to list on the housing market or interested in home renovation services for your family, Home Pro Transformations can help.

Call to connect with our team at 507.361.2160, or you can contact us online to schedule an onsite estimate or virtual meeting. We can’t wait to transform your home!

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